About Uzcard

Interbank payment system “UZKART” (IPS “UZKART”) – a local system of payments, the basic elements of which are microprocessor-based plastic cards, based on the totality of legal norms, regulations, software and hardware solutions and relevant organizational and technical infrastructure for cashless payments in electronic form and in a unified system of banks, issuing the microprocessor-based banking cards and serving vendors of goods (works, services), the clearing bank, as well as the processing organization.

Nowadays, the payment systems of 28 commercial banks are integrated within this Center, the interbank payment clearing system was set up for Soum plastic cards, which provides mutual service of the cards issued by participating banks of IPS”UZKART”.


About CRPC

The main objectives of the Common Republican Processing Centre are:
Organization of complex and targeted promotion of advanced banking information technology and electronic payment instruments to the financial market of Uzbekistan.
Marketing research, develop long-term strategic programs in the introduction of banking information technology and electronic payment instruments.
Development of normative-technical, regulatory and reference documentation for the payment clearing system for plastic cards.
Development of cooperation and partnership with international financial institutions and payment associations specialized banking equipment manufacturers and system integrators.
Nowadays, United Republican Processing Centre provides services to commercial banks on service in the processing, issuing center, the center of mass payments, and also provides services in maintenance and repair of terminals, ATMs and info kiosks.
Department of Soum plastic cards processing (DSPCP)
Department of Soum plastic cards processing (DSPCP) is a subdivision of JV ” Common Republican Processing Centre” Ltd.

Department of Soum plastic cards processing is guided by learning materials developed by the Banking Association of Uzbekistan, the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, schedule of work instructions on the use technological facilities.

The main functions and tasks DSPCP are:

maintaining secrecy and security in the process of handling inter-bank transactions;
daily batch processing of interbank transactions and receipts;
maintaining a database on inter-bank transactions;
formation and transfer in the Interbank Settlement Center, the banks participating IPS daily reports on the handling of interbank transactions;
providing routing interbank transactions, the formation of the payment documents;
maintaining a database of information on interbank transactions of banks – participants of the IPS, archiving database and reporting and background information on the work of the IPS;
daily prophylaxis MSMQL Server Database;
ensuring control and access control to the standby server in case of failure or error in the database, the main elements of the secret service department Soum plastic cards processing, such as ARMs of manager and operator safety, code-sequences for their formation, passwords, access to computers;
back up the main database system, as well as the whole system with a periodicity, defined technological instruction on work of Soum plastic cards processing for system recovery in case of failure and loss of information;
development of common rules and technological instructions, binding on all parties to IPS and overseeing their implementation;
examination of disputes arising in the functioning of the ICS between the objects of the IPS.
Department of Soum plastic cards emission (DSPCE)
DSPCE (Center of Issue) – is a system object of the Payment Systems “Uzkart” center of trust among participants of the system, which granted the right to create and record all ATM cards issued and traded in the system, the total general key, and the right to perform administrative functions, which determine the rules of the system. DSPCE is the primary issue of plastic cards, performs control of the implementation of general rules of the system, implements the inclusion / exclusion of participants, performs the formation and distribution of centralized reference data (CRD).
DSPCE performs the following tasks:

support of Subsystem Safety Center of issue, using hardware encryption unit and Multifunction Plastic Card Security;
establishment of an expanded base of key emission centers (which includes, inter alia, general key), the creation of official cards emission centers, providing job security subsystem;
maintenance procedures, acceptance of plastic cards from a supplier, and entering them on the key storage;
control of plastic cards;
reception of applications for cards of the Parties;
primary issuance and transfer of processed plastic cards with their transport key to participating banks to conduct a secondary issue;
Maintain a system-wide database of plastic cards containing their serial numbers and USN;
Maintain a single database of the payment system;
Maintain system-wide reference books (including directories of settlement participants, currency codes, types of cards, bank details);
maintenance of the stop – lists;
maintenance of reference of limits;
Notification to CRD key stakeholders.

Department of handling mass payments

Nowadays, at CRPC the billing system was established, through which information terminals can be made mobile phone services, utilities and other charges.